I create “narrative spaces” where I portray my own perceptions of cultural and social realities. By creating objects and setting them in installations and animations I bring narrative layers into my work. I utilize materiality to create meaning, to challenge the conceptions my elders instilled in me through tradition.

My practice revolves around three main axes; the many dimensions in a narrative, the materiality of objects and the fine arts VS craft debate. I rely in the act of making as a pivotal point of my work. I choose techniques such as ceramics and sewing that challenge the antagonistic relationship in the debate. I advocate for a symbiotic relationship between art and craft. And how interchangeable the aesthetic values assigned to craft can be and how those can be confined and appropriated through social norms. Through the veneer of everyday and domesticity, my discourse is the structure, constraint, and contradiction within a culture. It is in these contradictions where the poetic lining of my work revolves.